Lily Peixuan Yu

Hey, I’m Lily 🦥

I am a design technologist,
        a creative coder,
        a digital media artist,

but more importantly,
        a storyteller 🦋

Currenty pursuing
a Master’s Degree @NYU ITP.

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This site is always a work in progress.
Last updated: December 2023.

Reimagining Out of Eden Walk

A web-based interactive storytelling experience for a slow journalism initiative around humanity, culture, and beyond

Transcending Boundaries

An interactive map that introduces visitors to the many organizations within the vast UN system and the global issues they tackle

Temporal Shadows

A projection-based interactive installation where the audience embodies the flow of time with their shadows


An AR-based app that sends text and hand-drawn messages by sticking them in people’s homes as post-it notes

Artificial Stories of the Faces

An artistic inquiry leveraging AI to unveil stereotypes related to physical appearances embedded in movie scripts


An interactive light installation in the form of an introverted and fragile cocoon that responds to people's presence and requires to be approached with care and gentleness

Red List

An interactive data visualization about endangered species derived from the Red List database

murmur I & II

A fusion of sound visualization, photography, and illustration capturing the fragmented echoes of my memories

The Butterfly Dream

A real-time audio-visual performance inspired by Zhuangzi's The Butterfly Dream, exploring self-cognition, materiality, and virtuality in Daoist philosophy

Doomsday Glacier

An interactive exhibition experience created to raise awareness on the accelerating decline of the Thwaites Glacier


An interactive installation utilizing projection to visualize a shared vision of utopia through collective imagination

The Interplace

A dynamic interactive projection delving into the multiplicity of selves across different realities

Community Canvas

An AR-based experience that allows members of a neighborhood community to participate in imagining and designing their common open space

ITP Social Hub

A web application designed to streamline the discovery of peers' recent projects and foster efficient knowledge-sharing among creative makers


An interactive cube that explores human touch and connection, drawing inspiration from the phenomenon called "touch starvation" through proximity sensing and light


An interactive data visualization illustrating the interconnections between me, my diet, and my emotions


A dice typing game unleashing your spatial imagination, inspired by the traditional movable type technique

The Whale Fall

A real-time audio-visual performance that tells the life story of a whale transitioning into new forms of existence