Temporal Shadows

#Projection-based    #Interactive Installation    #Computer Vision    #Motion Tracking   #OpenFrameworks

Temporal Shadows is a projection-based interactive installation that invites the audience to experience the temporal flow with the play of ephemeral shadows.

Within this visual dialogue, the transformative essence of shadows echoes the ever-changing nature of time. As shadows morph, they become personal imprints on the temporal canvas, emphasizing the individual's role in their ongoing narrative.
Timeline: November - December 2023

Tools: OpenFrameworks, Xcode, Kinect

  • Winter Show 2023 @NYU ITP
  • New Year’s Eve Ball 2023 @Brooklyn Art Haus
Collaborator: Yi-Chun Lan

My Role:
  • Concept ideation
  • Interaction design
  • Programming

Technical Breakdown
Physical Setup
Physical Setup

The project utilizes two Kinects for motion tracking, one on the ceiling to track the position of the audience as they walk around in the space, and the other on a stand to capture their silhouette. The data is then passed to OpenFrameworks for graphics processing. A projector mounted on the ceiling projects the visuals onto the floor as shadows.

System Diagram
“Behind the Scenes”
Final Work