Doomsday Glacier

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Doomsday Glacier is an exihibition entry selected by the *This Is Not A Drill* program. Currently on exhibit at the NYU Elmer Holmes Bobst Library.

Dedicated to heightening awareness about the alarming decline of the Thwaites Glacier, this project features a web-based interactive storytelling experience, unveiling a historical timeline depicting the glacier's fracturing and its far-reaching consequences. Complemented by an educational iOS app, the project provides an in-depth exploration of the glacier's anatomy, aiming to educate and inspire action.
Timeline: June - August 2023

Tools: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, D3.js, Figma, Unity, Blender

Exhibition: *This Is Not A Drill*, NYU Elmer Holmes Bobst Library (September - December 2023)
Team: Briana Jones, Lily Yu

My Role:
  • Ideation & research
  • Data collection & visualization
  • Web app development
00. *This Is Not A Drill* Open Call
“The *This Is Not A Drill* program on technology, the climate emergency, equity, and creative practice collaboratively develops such a public pedagogy. It is led by Director and inaugural FIC Fellow Mona Sloane and explores what Arturo Escobar has called “designs for the pluriverse”: designs that account for the pluralities of being, that dismantle the harmful hierarchies that were created between human/non-human and culture/nature, and that reorient us towards sustainment, maintenance and care for each other and for the planet.”

01. Ideation & Research
Upon discovering the open call, Briana and I were captivated by the program's values, aspiring to leverage creative technology for climate emergency awareness. Drawing from our experience in the Playful Communication for Serious Research class (see more of my previous work in Youtopia), we we sought research as a foundation and zeroed in on this article spotlighting the Thwaites Glacier.

Significance of The Thwaites Glacier
Known as the “Doomsday Glacier”, Thwaites is one of the largest and fastest-melting glaciers in Antarctica, carrying the potential to significantly escalate sea levels, posing imminent threats to coastal communities and ecosystems.
Navigating & Conceptualizing
We reached out to Dr. Peter Davis from the British Antarctic Survey, who took ocean measurement to calculate the glacier melting rate in this research. Through emails and virtual meetings, Dr. Davis shared valuable insights on the glacier's structure and the research process, directing us to the report by the Intergovermental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) for deeper understanding on the consequences of glacier melting.

Armed with comprehensive research, our focus crystallized on educating the audience about:
  • a timeline of the glacier fracturing
  • the far-reaching consequences of its melting,
  • the glacier's structure,
  • and the key factors driving its decline

Project Scope
We designed two components for the project:
  • A web-based interactive storytelling experience guiding the audience chronologically through the glacier fracturing timeline while visually portraying the profound consequences of its melting.
  • An interactive application featuring 3D models to illustrate the glacier's anatomy and employing animations to explain the underlying driving factors.

System Diagram
02. Final Work

03. Documentation & Links

Part I: Timeline of Glacier Fracturing

Part II: Anatomy of The Glacier

Link to Website: